Accommodation for interim managers

As an interim manager, it is important to be able to pitch yourself to your client at an accurate and competitive day rate, taking into consideration your on-going costs, particularly realistic accommodation costs if living away from home whilst on assignment.

Indeed, in most circumstances, the time scales associated with securing an interim assignment and having to find suitable accommodation for when you start are often very tight.

Whether a B&B, hotel, serviced apartment or a rental property, many don’t have the time to trawl through websites and negotiate rates.

Contractor Accommodation Services (CAS) is a niche and specialist accommodation service tailored to specifically assist the interim community.

CAS looks to alleviate the burdening and time consuming process, working in partnership with you to procure a smooth and bespoke accommodation solution, aiming to maximise your take home pay by minimising your accommodation costs.

Take advantage of the free, no obligation service that CAS has to offer:

  • Be Prepared - CAS can provide you with realistic negotiated and discounted accommodation costs throughout your decision making process, making a role more economically viable to you and your client;
  • Standardise Your Accommodation Costs - The cheap negotiated CAS rates are available throughout your assignment so you know how much your total accommodation spend will be from day one, with no nasty surprises;
  • Save Time - CAS saves you time and effort by searching their extensive database for B&Bs, hotels, serviced apartments and holiday lets across the UK and Europe that match your requirements;
  • Your Own Accommodation PA - Once you have confirmed your referred option, all reservations, amendments and cancellations moving forward are made, confirmed and managed by CAS throughout your assignment;
  • Regulate Your Cash Flow & Don’t Get Caught Out - CAS negotiate heavily to secure the cheapest rate possible without having to pay upfront whilst also maintaining flexible cancellation policies, so that you are not penalised for last minute changes to your diaries.

Testimonials on the service from other interim managers can be found here.

For further details please download their free pdf brochure or visit their website at

Alternatively, contact one of their booking agents with your accommodation requirements:

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Chat:    Live chat to one of their representatives online by selecting the ‘Live Chat’ option on their website.