Have your say. Should we Scrap IR35 legislation reform proposals for public sector off-payroll workers?

The proposal is to make ‘engagers’ deduct PAYE tax & NIC at source for self-employed people operating via a Limited Company if the end client is in the public sector. This will severely reduce the income of such individuals but confer none of the rights & benefits of a staff employee.

How to get a mortgage when self-employed – a quick-start guide

All too often, self-employed people presume that they won’t be able to get a mortgage. But, while lenders have tightened their criteria in recent years, it’s definitely still possible.

Two decades of income inequality in Britain: the role of wages, household earnings and redistribution

This is a summary of the main findings of ‘Two Decades of Income Inequality in Britain: The role of Wages, Household Earnings and Redistribution’, published today as an IFS Working Paper and forthcoming in Economica.

‘Off Payroll working in the Public Sector’

‘Off Payroll working in the Public Sector’ (IR35) draft legislation was published at the beginning of December 2016. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) recently admitted in a joint meeting with Penna and the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) that they will not be publishing any advice about it until February at the earliest.

Making Tax Digital – What Does It Mean For Small Businesses?

By 2020, HMRC will have moved to a fully digital system in a bid to end unnecessary bureaucratic processes, eradicate delays in information handling and make sure taxpayers have easy access to their tax records. HMRC hopes that these new initiatives will reduce the £6.5bn lost each year through error and reduce business burdens by £400m. So far they have set out proposals in their consultation papers, released this August, which built upon the Making Tax Digital roadmap, released in December 2015.

The Supertemp Hiring Dilemma.

Today’s interims are top managers and professionals—from CIOs to CFOs, to software architects and senior developers—who’ve been trained at best universities and largest global corporates. They choose to pursue project-based careers independent of any major firm and they’re increasingly trusted by organisations to do mission-critical work -- jobs that in the past would have only been trusted to permanent employees.

Transformational leadership needed to take businesses to new level

Faced with rapidly changing global developments, executives should embrace transformational leadership as one way through which they can drive their business to respond to tomorrows challenges – remaining sustainable.

Young women are bossing it in UK business start-ups.

When it comes to starting a business, women under 35 appear to have the magic touch, as they are more likely to succeed than their male counterparts, according to new research.

The rise of the gig economy – a guide to hiring interim managers

The gig economy has had much publicity recently, especially since the controversial Uber case in which the company lost the right to classify its UK drivers as self-employed.

Your Pension. Insurers must display rival pension annuities

Insurance companies selling pension annuities will have to tell their customers if they can get a cheaper deal elsewhere and how to get it. Each year tens of thousands of savers use the money built up in their pension pots to buy an annuity, or income for life. Four out of five annuity buyers could get a better deal, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said.