3 ways the future of work can be fair as well as flexible


Source: World Economic Forum

Setting the right course for labour policy in today’s rapidly evolving world of work is a complex challenge. Trends such as skills imbalances, the gig economy and digitization are transforming work so quickly that policy creation is lagging behind.

As a provider of workforce solutions, we seek to highlight the role a well-regulated labour market plays in a country’s competitiveness. At best, policy is about protecting the rights of all workers while also driving fair competition and enabling opportunity. It is about making the future work for everyone. At worst, policy tries to resist change and creates uneven playing fields that eventually hurt everyone.

Getting this balance right is more important now than ever. Many nations, businesses and workers are in danger of falling behind in the race for competitiveness and prosperity. But it need not be the case, if we act now to shape our labour markets into environments that work for everyone.

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