Competex Umbrella Ltd begins trading as a specialist umbrella company for senior independent professionals


Competex Umbrella Ltd, a specialist umbrella company for senior independent professionals, has opened its doors for trading.

Competex Umbrella has been set up in response to the new “Off-Payroll Working” HMRC legislation regarding temporary workers in the public sector who currently operate via Personal Service Companies (PSCs). The new rules are making PSCs an extremely tax-inefficient way to operate in this sector, whereas umbrella companies, previously looked down upon by HMRC, are under the new legislation being positively encouraged by HMRC and public sector departments as a trading vehicle for interims and other temporary workers.

Competex Ltd has always placed transparency at the heart of its business, and Competex Umbrella is no different – its intention is to set a new standard of transparency, compliance and accessibility for umbrella companies operating in the UK.

You can find out more about Competex Umbrella Ltd by visiting their website.

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