Do entrepreneurs take steps to look after their mental health? [SURVEY]



The NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards is investigating the state of mental health among entrepreneurs in the UK. While there has been a big focus on improving employee mental well-being, this survey is prompting entrepreneurs to ask questions around their own mental health.

Not only will completing this survey help gather valuable data around this important issue, it will also help you enter a process of self-enquiry about your mental health, enabling you to check in and be aware of how you are really doing.

According to author Jae Ellard, 80% of people in the US feel stress at work. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 75% of all doctors’ visits are stress-related.

However, there is hope, with more awareness being given to mental health and the spread of restorative practices such as mindfulness. Even taking a more ‘mindful’ approach to your working day, with regular rest breaks, checking in with yourself regularly and simply opening the conversation around mental health with your friends and colleagues, can help you redefine your relationship with work, and with yourself, at work.

Complete the survey here.


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