Do what you do best… and outsource the rest


When you’re starting a new business it’s tempting to try and do everything yourself as you think it will save you money – however your time is precious.  You need to spend it making money.  Finding clients and doing the work.

It makes commercial sense therefore to outsource the areas in which you have less expertise.

3 Things to Outsource


Finding a good accountant can make your life a lot easier.  Look for one who you can speak to, trust and who can point you in the right direction for other services you might require, such as legal, HR, insurances etc.  Make sure they offer a system where you can see an overview of how your business is performing at any point in time.  This will allow you to plan effectively and make any necessary changes.

Marketing Strategy

This may be the first time in your career that you have had to consider marketing your services or a product.  Take advice.  Speak to an expert or go on a workshop or course to find out about all the channels available, both online and offline.  Who are your customers?  Where will you find them? What’s the best way to reach them?

Website Design and Build

Nowadays, clients expect any reputable business to have their own website.  Unless this is your specialism, use a company that can provide you with a professional looking website.  This does not have to be expensive but consider carefully the content. As well as including information about your services, include news, testimonials, photos, guides, videos and even write a blog.

Wendy Church is the Client Liaison Manager for specialist accountancy practice Competex Ltd, which has been providing company formation and accounting services for consultants and interim managers since 1998.

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