Personal Finance and Wealth Management

There are many legal and financial issues that you may not have considered before starting up in business and, without careful planning, you risk losing money. City Capital Analysis can help you to review your financial position and plan your future security.

If  you are leaving permanent employment to start up your consultancy business you need to consider the key planning areas of:

  • Family protection
  • Redundancy funds
  • Existing wealth analysis
  • Financial objectives

You can also benefit from a range of wealth management services and advice, including for example remuneration strategy, tax planning, pensions, investments, private finance and will writing.

How it works

City Capital Analysis will take a no fee no obligation meeting or teleconference call with all clients of the Interim Hub.  This will help both parties to determine if they have a need to explore their paid services.

John Breen of CCA recommend that in all circumstances, new business owners explore the benefits of a personalised Remuneration Strategy.  This is in effect a summary overview of a client’s existing financial health. An analysis of Assets/Liabilities/Income/Expenditure together with a defined strategy on immediately available taxation savings and recommendations for distribution of Company Profits.

Depending on the depth and complexity of client information, fees for this service range between £250 and £1,000.  Significant taxation savings and efficiencies may be expected from this process.

About City Capital Analysis

City Capital Analysis (CCA) is a leading specialist financial services firm providing a wide range of protection, investment and wealth management services.

CCA helps clients build protect and manage wealth with maximum tax efficiency through personalised strategies.

The firm advises a wide range of medium to high net-worth clients throughout the UK including trustees and private individuals, specialising in small limited company director advice, which is more complex because of the interaction between corporate and personal Taxation.

CCA is part of the Best Practice IFA Group which has the advantage of being the only Chartered Financial Planning network in the UK.  Due to their combined investment volumes and automated technology, City Capital are able to negotiate exceptional terms for third party investment houses and pension providers. CCA is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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