A payroll umbrella company for interim managers, consultants and senior independent professionals

Since April 2017, the rules have changed for interim managers working in the public sector, and many interims feel that they have been forced out of this sector as it is no longer feasible for them to work through their companies.

If you wish to work as an interim in the public sector, the recommended way to work is through a payroll umbrella company.

A payroll umbrella company is a company that employs freelance workers who may work on numerous diļ¬€erent assignments, at various locations, either through agencies or directly for end-clients. The umbrella company enters into an employment contract with the worker and a service contract with the agency or end-client.

Umbrella company working is suitable for freelance consultants, contractors, interim managers and other independent professionals, and it is possible to work through an umbrella company while still working through a limited company for other assignments.

For more information on umbrella company working, visit our umbrella company information pages.

About Competex Pro

Competex Pro is the payroll umbrella company of choice for interim managers and other independent professionals.

As Competex Ltd, we have specialised in the interim and independent professional sector for nearly 20 years, having looked after some 2,000 limited company clients. Working through a limited company is undoubtedly the most efficient way to work in the private sector. However, new legislation has now made it quite impractical to work through a limited company in the public sector, and Competex Pro exists to cater for those individuals.

Payroll umbrella companies are used by a great variety of workers, ranging from nurses to Deliveroo drivers to consultants, but the majority provide only a basic payroll function and take no interest in the particular needs of the independent professional community. However, we understand the specific needs of interim managers and aim to provide as many of the features of a limited company as is possible within the framework of an umbrella company.

Payroll umbrella companies have an unusual structure, and on our website we clearly explain why this is so, and how they work.


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