Getting in front of the ‘right’ people

Outstanding people searchYou can spend all your time networking, emailing and connecting on social media but find you are still not getting any work. Why? Perhaps you are not getting in front of the ‘right’ people. The key is identifying your perfect client.

But first of all you need to identify your offering. What is your value proposition? What makes you different from the rest? What problems can you solve? Once you know what you can offer, you can determine who needs your help. Who has the problem that you can solve? What keeps them awake at night?

What characteristics do they have in common?

Then you can start your search. But how do you find them? And how do you find the people who know your potential clients, who can recommend you and help you get in front of them?

Attend events that they attend

Whether it’s a conference, a networking event, a seminar or an exhibition, make sure you get yourself known. Like and share the event on social media, pinpoint the people you need to get in front of, prepare your approach, or even speak at the event.

Find a mutual connection on LinkedIn

Look at a company’s LinkedIn page and their list of employees. Next to their names you can see how you are connected to them. Often you have a mutual connection. Ask for an introduction.

Join the same group as your key targets and post a discussion sharing your knowledge and expertise. Always keep your name visible on social media.

Keep asking

Continually asking for a meeting shows interest and often this type of pushiness really gets results.  The competition is fierce so once you have decided who the ‘right’ people are, get to meet with them face to face and convince them of your worth.

Wendy Church is Client Liaison Manager for specialist accountancy practice Competex Ltd, which has been providing company formation and accounting services for consultants and interim managers since 1998.

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