What Does Good Recruitment Social Media Marketing Look Like?

Author: Thomas Bridge, Magdalen Marketing Agency


At the higher levels of recruitment, social media marketing is something of a necessary evil – it’s very hard to track revenue generated from it (from either candidate or client) and part of the reason is that relatively little comes from it. This is because unlike for us, the world does not revolve around LinkedIn.

However, if you choose to adopt an overly relaxed attitude to social, it can really damage the very brand you are trying to build by having very old updates as your latest post, no posts at all, or frivolous content such as staff drinks nights.

So what do you do? This article explains the best overarching themes across all social channels, and goes into detail on the most important for your business. Our thoughts are informed by the 50+ recruitment businesses we’ve performed social media activities for, across our team of over 10 people here at MMA, some of whose careers in recruitment marketing date back almost 10 years.

Read the complete guide on LinkedIn.

Thomas Bridge is the Managing Director of Magdalen Marketing Agency, which specialises solely in the recruitment sector.

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