IR35 – 8 months on

Author: Anthony Lewis, Penna Executive Interim


We are over 8 months into the latest changes in IR35 legislation and demand is high. Reduced capacity, a need for subject matter experts, and high levels of senior turnover are leading to sustained demand for interims across all areas of local authorities.

Unfortunately we have not seen as drastic a shift in behaviours from clients in how they bring in interims. With political and media scrutiny at its highest on interim spend there needs to be a different approach taken in order that day rates remain low and interims are targeted on outcomes rather than daily input.

In a previous article I wrote about the dwindling pool of interim Finance Directors and what that meant for day rates but also availability at a time when demand is high. I think this could be applied to any statutory post in Local Government.

The result is that interims are costing more and this isn’t just a result of IR35, but market forces of supply and demand. In non-statutory posts there is more flexibility around the task you set an interim and this is where we feel that savings and more targeted briefs will lead to better value.

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