So you want to be an interim manager?


What qualities do you need as an interim manager building a successful portfolio career?

  • Interim managers are ‘experts’ in their field. You will be asking people to pay for your expertise as an interim manager or consultant, so you need to know your subject. Address any skills gaps and keep up to date with changes in your market.
  • A successful interim manager is not afraid of going it alone. For some this represents a real challenge, so you need to be tenacious and determined to survive the highs and lows you will inevitably face as an interim manager.
  • Interims are always looking for ways to market themselves, put the word out and get in front of potential clients. Determine your target market. What is it that you can deliver and how will it benefit your client? Plan a strategy to get your message out to your potential clients.
  • A successful interim manager is able to track of his or her finances. Keep accurate and up to date records. Be aware of financial regulations and employ an accountant. And chase up outstanding payments. Many good businesses fail due to poor cash flow.
  • Successful interims are meticulously organised. Building your reputation for being a great organiser and planner, as well as an implementer, is key. Write a business plan, with realistic targets and timescales. Running a business involves self-discipline and the ability to cope with stressful situations, tight timescales and demanding clients.
  • A successful interim manager knows the market, and will get to know the interim providers who are specialists in placing interims in their sector on a first-name basis. They stand out because of the high quality work they do and are renowned for getting results. Start networking with interim providers by picking out one or two in your area and industry. You can search our interim provider database here.

If you feel you need a marketing boost, try out this Self-Marketing masterclass designed specifically for interims and consultants.

Words by Wendy Church, Client Liaison Manager at the Interim Hub

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