Hub IT launches new cloud computing workshop for independent professionals

Cloud ComputingWhat can The Cloud do for your business? Everybody talks about The Cloud and cloud computing, but not everybody understands what it is. Fewer still grasp the potential it has for streamlining the IT side of their business. To address this, the Consultancy Hub’s IT partner Hub IT is launching a new workshop aimed at SME’s, offering a hands on introduction to MS Office 365 as well as advice about all other aspects of The Cloud.


  • Microsoft Office 365 – explaining the benefits of using office in the cloud, boost productivity by having reliable access to office across all your devices, wherever you are.
  • Choosing the right operating system – a comparison of Microsoft (Windows 8.1), Apple (OS X) and open source operating systems (Linux). Details of the strengths and weaknesses of each and how to choose the best one(s) for your business.
  • Data security and backup – discussing the need for backup and how to best leverage The Cloud to ensure your corporate data is secure.
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – how BYOD is changing office IT culture, allowing employees to use their own phones and tablets without compromising data security.
  • VoIP (Voice over IP) – how to save money and make your communications more flexible.
  • Broadband & Telephony – We can save you money if you are considering moving your broadband to fibre, together with cheaper line rental and call packages if you wish to continue with your existing telephone switchboard/lines.

Microsoft Certified Engineers will be on hand to discuss your challenges and how we can provide up to date solutions. Let us show you how you can save 30 minutes per day with an efficient IT set up. Come and see what devices and applications are being used to make your day more efficient.

Guest Presenters

William Linard from DMSL – The Business Telecoms Experts. William is a well-respected IT & telecoms expert who for many years was instrumental in the dramatic growth in CompTIA UK, the world leading IT accreditation organisation.

Sean Taylor from Techdata – One of the world’s largest IT distributor. Sean is a product specialist for Office 365, he knows it all!

Rod Reed – IT Director at Alexander House Financial Services. Rod has been involved in the IT industry for over 25 years. He is an early adopter of new technologies, and has been backing cloud based solutions since day one. Now as the IT director of an innovative financial services organisation based in the City, he can tell you how cloud based IT really works, it’s all he now uses. He will explain how he uses Office 365 and VOiP to give him the winning advantage in business.

We will also have an accounts specialist to show you how to manage your books in The Cloud, and how looking for fiddly train receipts etc for your expenses is a thing of the past.

The first workshop will be held on 28th November between 13:30 & 17:00 in London.

For further details and to book your place visit the Hub IT website.

Hub IT provides IT and cloud services to small and medium sized companies, including cloud-based IT systems, managed IT services, mobile, VOIP, security, unified communications. They can help configure hardware and software both on Apple Mac & PC platforms.

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