Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Self-employed value independence’

Source: IPSE


IPSE has today responded to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s address to the Labour Party Conference where he stated tax and social security for the self-employed must be reviewed.

Simon McVicker, IPSE Director of Policy, said: “Jeremy Corbyn was right to state that the self-employed value their independence. However, it is important that Labour understands most people who work for themselves freely choose to trade some employment rights, for flexibility in the way they work.

On bogus self-employment

The small minority of situations where unscrupulous businesses push people into self-employment are very different. These workers should in fact be employees and must be guaranteed rights such as a minimum wage, sick pay and holiday pay. It’s important not to conflate them with the millions of self-employed people who are very happy with the way they work and wouldn’t want to change it.

On reviewing tax and social security for the self-employed

We would encourage all political parties to look at ways of supporting the self-employed. Improving maternity pay and pension provision are two areas that should be explored. The tax system has yet to catch up with the way more and more people are choosing to work and needs radical reform to make it fit for the twenty first century. IPSE looks forward to engaging with Labour on these issues.

On Infrastructure spending

We are pleased to see Labour commit to developing the UK’s infrastructure, both physical and digital, but such investment must be paid for and Labour must be careful not to increase borrowing to unsustainable levels.”

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